Growth Strategy

silhouettes of business people through the blinds

Factor Delta Consulting conducts projects and workshops to define and review our customers’ strategic course by providing both analytic tools and session guidance that deliver a whole perspective of the company’s reality, its competitive environment and the forces that affect its results.

We facilitate a series of focused conversations through a high-involvement process, enabling informed decisions and appropriate resource assignment, either through annual growth workshops, master growth plans or fundamental’s definition exercises.

Our unique approach towards actionable growth focuses on finding the most relevant business opportunities and define the sufficient conditions to make the most out of them. We emphasize that the right leaders and resources should be allocated at the appropriate time and intensity to deliver the correct results, since a non-executed strategy that is merely a set of interesting ideas.

We know that companies, rather than measuring what they obtain, they get what it’s measured; therefore we have a precise method to identify, define and establish the right indicators to ensure accurate business management.

If your strategic repertoire dwells more in the boardroom than in the daily operations if some stalled discussions have escalated to silence, or you need and an extra dose of market focus in your next planning cycle, please give us a call, we are here to help you.


Strategy sets de conditions for tactical victory. --Clausewitz

Factor Delta