Scientific Marketing


To Factor Delta, Marketing is a social science focused on modifying demand patterns by an adequate configuration of the supply, its exchange terms, symbolization, and accessibility.

We carry out Strategic Marketing projects, focused on researching, finding and validating drivers that sustain continued exchange between supply and demand, translating them into value propositions, target group scientific definitions and deployment strategies, all with a perfect match to the organization’s capabilities.

We design value propositions considering them commercial strategies with the ability to maximize the demand, through a reasoned, quantitative, validated process to configure the supply. Our unique approach is theoretically grounded and extensively proven in all kinds of markets. It encompasses identifying the minimum requisites for serious consideration, the differentiation points which stimulate trial and immediate sales and preference drivers that will make the demand last longer, even if competition counterattacks.

By using field observation, customers’ databases, and marketing research, we deliver scientific clarity to distinguish between different segments of customers and prospects, unveiling among them the target group, a unique set of people with an optimal affinity to your product qualities, and less vulnerable to competitors’ initiatives. We find more efficient ways to translate commercial strategies into actionable initiatives such as advertising, research and development, processes realignment, sales management, brand development, internal collaboration networks and other business functions, always making sure that initiatives are actionable in the client’s enterprise.

Our specialty in Factor Delta is to create value propositions that respond to the own essence of your business, to the demand of your target group and that are impossible to repeat by your competitors. Call us.

Our marketing approach is not about gimmicks and creative events. It is about structurally modifying demand patterns. Period.

Factor Delta