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Sales Force Development

At Factor Delta, we implement projects to broaden, professionalize and make more efficient the work of our customers’ sales force.

During each visit, on the field, we analyze and model to define priority territories and calculate size requirements for the sales force. We observe the work methods, routines, practices, reps’ capabilities, managers and their interaction with the rest of the organization to improve the team efficiency and efficacy. We develop more efficient working systems that are precisely suited to the company and the industry in which it participates, by using the right metrics that will lead to more sales, more consistently.

We create and refine interdepartmental collaboration processes between Sales, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, reducing the time to execute requests, improving customer service and increasing the general results for the company.

We collaborate in generating strategic plans for Key Account Management, going from the transactional dialogue of requests-invoicing to the value creation and strengthening of the commercial networks among partners.

Factor Delta’s approach focuses salespeople and managers to maximize their performance. It uses a high involvement perspective in the street, supported by numerical methods that enable and allow commercial systematization. When do we meet?

Ultimately, there are only two job descriptions: Sales and Sales-Support.

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