Business Management System

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At Factor Delta, we develop and activate projects to optimize work division in the organization. We realign and optimize processes keeping in mind value generation and the specific dynamics of the company in its context. We prepare job descriptions that are centered in the company’s specific expected contribution, defining the ideal candidates for each task.

We review their congruency with the organization’s goals and objectives and the ability to follow up through balanced scorecards.

The company’s reorganization will only happen if the people working for it decide to accept it; we observe their change openness, capabilities, through a detailed human factor analysis, skills, collaboration dynamics and tools for work. We create transformation initiatives together with our customers. We carry on multiple clarifications, discussion, agreement, and mutual commitment among teammates until installing the new, and improved procedures.

In Factor Delta, our objective in the enterprise development system is to tune up and activate value generation machines. If you would like more information, please contact us.

You want to manage the BUSINESS, not the Quality function, right?

Factor Delta

We are enemies of prebuilt and generic solutions, those like “plug-your-company-here” which, by arguing best practices, corporate norms or information technology platforms, give up to serious understanding and detailed work in process design. It might be that we have seen them getting rusty too many times. These elements are the starting point for the analysis and may even be the project’s objectives, but will never be the final content in the deliverable.

We consider process diagrams as a mean to an agreement on the best way to proceed; tactically they work as a playbook. As they are placed together in the value-generation macro process, they allow us to see if the system is robust enough to deliver the strategic victory, in context for the business dynamics.

Job descriptions are means for recruitment, selection, performance, training and talent promotion and useful for the job holder, boss, and colleagues. They are also helpful to HHRR to analyze if the talent balance will be efficient in the next battle.

There are not two equal companies, which is why every management system requires a unique solution, by its conditions and growth objectives.

Imagine that all and each of the company’s activities is coordinated to maximize the added value produced by the organization. Plus, every process has a particular contribution, linked to the enterprise’s mission and business vision. There are no orphan processes; each one has a clearly identified leader. Picture we will eliminate all unnecessary activities that produce internal friction and lessen the results. Consider you have the fewest and most efficient set of metrics, incentives, and rules. That is Business Management System for Factor Delta. We focus on turning your company into a value-generating machine.

Hardwiring. Wi-Fi. User-friendly. Yup. And all the dots connect.

Factor Delta