Quality Systems

In Factor Delta, we know the basics are the cornerstone of every quality system. We engage to install or optimize quality systems, starting with sorting, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain (5s), safety routines, and design corrective actions while incorporating ISO 9001. We also collaborate in the adoption of necessary elements to make continuous improvement an everyday reality. Regardless the cultural matrix of your labor force, we facilitate and show the merits of internal audits, non-conformity recurrence analysis, lack-of-quality costs, specialized process deployment, and statistical process control, according to internal or market dynamics.

We go beyond “passing the audit” midset to take ownership of a real culture of quality. Audits should be transparent for the organization and yield consistent results with no preparation whatsoever; a sign of everybody is operating the way it should be. In many companies, Quality must also transcend being the “non-conformity fixer” and become an active force of internal development, proposing new and improved ways to generate value, as an essential part of a collaborative dynamic that includes the whole enterprise.

That is why we created a unique approach to the Customer Satisfaction Survey, for integrating the Quality function with Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Information Technology and other stakeholders, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 norm. We use customer responses to define or update your Critical To Quality (CTQ) Tree, utilizing statistical modeling to prioritize and associate requirements into Success Factors. We analyze competitive performance requirements, identify significative differences, and recommend specific improvement actions to outperform the competition.

We promote Quality as a growth driver, oriented to have more functional, efficient, reliable, trustworthy, strong and resilient organizations.
In Factor Delta, we make Quality Systems work as value improvement and self-repairing modules of a larger system: the business. If you would like more information, please contact us.


Quality is not an act, nor a habit. It is a habitat!

Factor Delta