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Organizational Development

In Factor Delta, we collaborate in identifying and activating the elements that will empower the company’s performance culture. We believe in healthy work environments as a requirement to achieve better and more consistent results.

We work on observing and improving tangible elements, such as physical conditions in the workplace, safety and hygiene items. We also include more subtle components, such as collaboration, leadership, mentoring, agreements and systematized compliance through a mutual commitment.

We consider talent as the most strategic resource in the organization, from which all operating capabilities come from, and the lever for the other six strategic resources that the company has. If you would like to work in strengthening your team’s performance through tools and techniques centered in the everyday work, please give us a call. We are here to help.

Strategy and Culture should have breakfast together.

Factor Delta

A corporate culture is a group of shared values and perspectives that result in similar reactions, actions. It’, and rituals. It is the backcloth behind which all of the organization’s scenes happen. And as amazing as it may seem, not all companies are focused on processes precision and human fulfillment at the same time.

There are many collaboration groups, but not all of them work as a team. Minimum-effort ground rules, self-protective approaches, deliberate stick-to-the-job underperformance, silos and, showing off oppose to the systematized success, making strategic work virtually impossible, even before it starts. Sometimes companies pretend to be different by enabling innovation, gender equity or work environment initiatives, but all these ideas are irrelevant if the company has no ability to deliver consistent results. A performance culture takes precedence over all of them.

We have extensively tested, and validated instruments to assess your organizational performance, culture and collaboration networks. If you need a quantitative backbone for your OD initiatives, please consider us for your next project.