Research, Development, And Innovation (R&D+I)

In Factor Delta, we are part of the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) the most relevant science and technology network in the country. We carry out projects focused on the science of business. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach combining social sciences, such as psychology, anthropology, and sociology with hard science components like math, economics or systems theory in search of solutions that allow interaction of social matrixes with productive systems, optimizing their connection.

We conduct initiatives to generate validated and replicable knowledge, through mixed research perspectives that will solve general cases for an industry’s development or function. We also work on engagements to optimize commercial distribution, market coverage or any other strategies, required by our customers.

We look for answers to questions such as:

How to enable a general adoption of a new judicial system?

How to measure the transformational energy of an organization?

What elements define the dynamics and capabilities of a touristic destination?

Exactly, how many branches optimize the market coverage?

Which combination of validated elements will maximize the demand for an industrial service?

How to dismantle institutionalized corruptive systems?

Through our initiative and per customer request, we permanently seek for knowledge development, to make business practice more successful. Call us; it will be our pleasure to validate your hypothesis.

The only certain thing is knowledge.

Factor Delta