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Mystery Shoppers

We are aware that delivering excellent customer experiences takes a lot. Once the value proposition is defined, deployed, and instructed, having the right tracking tools is mandatory to keep high standards running.

However, self-select online surveys fail miserably in this area.  Free stuff in exchange for critical data?? We know that harp-hazard data collection -comprised incentive-driven and actively dissatisfied customers- does not represent business reality, nor can generate business capability analysis. Plus you also have an observer problem. Can you take decisions with it? Sure. But that will only serve you to spot highly deviated situations, not to manage a Critical-To-Quality System across stores, regions and countries. Please click on our Smart Doodle© below and check the details.

Smart Doodle about Online Surveys and Mystery Shoppers

-Why Online Surveys aren’t telling you what is going on with your stores?

In Factor Delta, we are experts in designing a sustained value delivery and the executing validation through specialized mystery shopper programs, based on the specific services offered. By developing value-driven evaluation guides according to each customer, defining the right sampling procedures, establishing strict fieldwork control, and performing reliable analytics, we thoroughly reflect the operating conditions in the field.

Based on results, we apply continuous and sustainable improvement methods to define critical issues, implement and execute improvement actions, and ultimately guarantee delight, preference, recommendation, and revisit. Contact us.