Hotel Quality

In Factor Delta, we developed the most developed and inclusive hotel rating system available in the marketplace.  It is an extensively tested, validated and compatible verification system that evaluates five performance dimensions, identifying the number of stars that the hotel has, profiling its natural vocation and finding the most actionable improvement opportunities to satisfy its customers.

Through a systematized observation of the operating conditions at the service point, we identify quality and improvement actions for the environment and front desk, rooms, food services, facilities and inclusiveness, all of them validated to be contributing to the value proposition of the establishment and increase its occupation rates.

The system applies to any hotel, no matter its development level, location or vocation, allowing cross-sectional comparisons among hotels in the same category, location or vocation, and also allowing longitudinal analysis through time, to measure the quality of an establishment, chain or tourist destination.

Either if you want to check up the competitiveness of one facility, install a continuous improvement system for your chain o evaluate the capabilities in a destination, call us. We will gladly accommodate your needs.