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Sensory Evaluation Of Retail Spaces

In Factor Delta, we develop systematized and replicable retail oriented analysis to evaluate the sensorial attractiveness of public services establishments, considering space management, visual arrangement, aromatic trace, tactile appeal, hearing comfort and gustatory distinctiveness.

Through observation and walks by different spots on the sales floor, we analyze in detail your capacity of attracting passer-byes and catering a pleasant experience while in your establishment. We translate our observations in numerical values that will allow linking them with other performance variables, such as capture index, sales per square feet, or ticket average, estimating the benefit of remodeling, the load capacity of an aisle or the impact of space in the revisit possibilities of a dinner guest.

In spite of this topic relevance, we commonly find how obstructed aisles, uncomfortable chairs, cold surfaces, annoying odors and incompatible music dismantle customer experience. And workshop blindness prevents our clients from seeing them. These elements cause inconvenience and fewer visits, shorter stays and limited purchases. So our purpose when performing sensory evaluations is to eliminate obstacles that chase away your customers, limit their enjoyment or hinder the meaning of your customer experience.

The validity and replicability of our work method, allows us to use it for department stores, pharmacies, restaurants, specialty stores or any other kind of establishment open to the public. It also allows cross-sectional analysis to evaluate competitiveness and sensorial homogeneity in a group of facilities or its development through time.

We work with our customers creating and implementing specific improvement actions, according to its objectives, results, and management budgets. Call us.