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Ethnographic Immersion

In Factor Delta, we develop initiatives on ethnographic immersion in purposes of deep understanding of our customers’ dynamics as well as for specific research and development purposes.

For example, during the elaboration of a business management system, there is the need of checking in the field situations and activities that generate value, and address the best way to deliver it. Likewise, in product development processes, our observation approach identifies how our client’s value proposition is perceived, used and evaluated. We choose if the observation will be overt of covert following strict ethical standards and analyzing the type of information we are looking for, the project purpose and the environment context.

Ethnography has gained popularity as a qualitative research technique because of its capacity of making realities evident, overcoming inertia, supply-demand separation, or workshop blindness. Nevertheless, its popularity also derived into trivialization.

Our team tackles this problem; the fieldwork is conveyed exclusively by experimented researchers that are up to the challenge ahead. Each member is rigorously trained in elements that combine, social sciences, in-field quality procedures – gemba – and specific content of the project. Each immersion is overwhelming and exhausting, but that is exactly what we are looking for: multidisciplinary focus and theoretical saturation to generate the best findings for your business.

We seek reliable and actionable results through a rigorous systematization of the research process and aspire to its validation in the detailed examination of the reference framework, the power of the findings and the strength of the reasoning, in the conclusions of each study. If you have an ethnographic research challenge comprising solidly grounded social science and practical application to your business, please take a deep look at us.